Long Living Pets Rescue and Rehab Center

A Holistic Rescue

We are the world’s first holistic rescue and rehab center. We adopt sick pets, heal them holistically, and share that with the world so others can do the same. We are shceduled to open in 2023.


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We are different

What We Do

We Save Sick Animals

We rescue pets from shelters facing euthanasia due to health conditions that shelters do not have the funds to treat. Unfortunately, this happens even in no-kill shelters.

We heal Holistically

We apply holistic modalities to heal the animals we rescue. The modalities are based on Thomas Sandberg’s (CSAN) experience from his 20 years of research into natural healing.

We share and teach

The most important part of the center is to share our healing modalities with the world so others can do the same. Join us and we will teach you everything we do. 

Featured Cats & Dogs


Staffordshire – Female


Domestic Short Hair – Male


Terrier – Male


Domestic Short Hair – Male

Get involved

How you can help


One of the best ways you can help is to share our current fundraising campaign on your social media sites. 


Donations are always welcome and they are all tax-deductible through our nonprofit organization. 


We are always looking for animal-loving volunteers. We have many areas you can get involved with. 


One of the most important aspects of our center is to educate and teach others to do the same. Join our group. 

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Is to establish holistic healing centers all over the world. We will use these centers to educate pet owners so they can provide long healthy lives for their pets. 

Get Involved

We need your help! The biggest challenge we face is to raise the initial funds to open this center. We are looking for passionate animal lovers that see the importance of natural healing. 

Upcoming Events

Jan 24 - Webinar explaining the center

10am-12pm This webinar will explain the concept behind the center. Why we think this is unique and why we can make a difference. We will answer all your questions. 

January 30 - Information about Natural healing

10am – 12pm In this webinar we will share why we believe natural healing works so well and share the results we have achieved. 

Holistic Healing Works!

Featured Pets


Severe Arthritis in both hind legs
Chipper – GSD 8 years old


Stage 2 heart murmur, calicivirus
Mogwai – DHM 2 years old.


Domestic Short Hair
Senior – Male


Collie Mix
Adult – Female


Adult – Female


Domestic Short Hair
Adult – Male


Pet Adoption Notes

Adopting Pets from Us

We will in some cases offer pet adoption when certain requirements are met. We will post these pets here and send out a notification to our members. Distance is irrelevant and we will cover the cost of transport. 

Where do we adopt pets from

In most cases, we adopt pets from shelters. In some rare cases, we may adopt a pet from other sources. Most pets we adopt suffer from medical conditions that these shelters do not have funds to help.